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Friday, December 17, 2004

Mission Accomplished-

Regarding today's itinerary and this morning's post. Not only did it require 3 trips to Lowes but my local store didn't have the gas valve I needed when I got there, which meant I had to turn around and go away from the house by 15 miles to the next Lowes that did have both the parts. And, due to a complete lack of understanding by the friendly staff behind the counter, I got both parts for free, thank you very much!

I did get the spouse to the airport on time. The place was packed! I have never seen the Salt Lake airport bustling and swarming as it was today. A veritable crush of humanity that, miraculously was moving through all the steps required to get on an airplane these days in very swift order. Check in was no trouble and the line progressed so rapidly towards the security check-in that I nearly lost my beloved to the X-ray machine while I stepped over to the ATM. She was a little bit rattled by the crush of folks and moreso when she arrived at Portland's big airport but she did make it ok and the sister was there to pick her up just as planned.

I took my test on my way home from the airport and before I went chasing water heater parts so that was successful. And I stopped off to pay an grievious bill that causes me much stress only to be told that they had pillaged my accounts enough already this month and no further payment was expected. WhooHoo! That's a $300 bonus right before Christmas!

And the hot water fired right up first time after I replaced the new parts and thread taped everything and refilled the tank with fresh water. Hooray! Fear me- I'm a man with tools and I'm not afraid to use them!

I had just sat down with my first celebratory beer after putting away my tools and was waiting for enough hot water for my first shower since Wednesday when the phone rang...

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